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salivary gland disorders causes symptoms and diagnosis - if your doctor needs to finely target the salivary glands an mri or ct scan can provide more in depth images also a biopsy to remove salivary gland tissue can aid in diagnosis particularly if your doctor suspects you may have an autoimmune disorder that affects your salivary glands, salivary gland disorders american family physician - salivary gland disorders include inflammatory bacterial viral and neoplastic etiologies the presentation can be acute recurrent or chronic acute suppurative sialadenitis presents as rapid onset pain and swelling and is treated with antibiotics salivary massage hydration and sialagogues such as lemon drops or vitamin c lozenges, salivary gland disorder rightdiagnosis com - salivary gland disorder information including symptoms causes diseases symptoms treatments and other medical and health issues, saliva salivary gland disorders national institute of - other disorders diseases such as hiv aids and autoimmune disorders such as sj gren s syndrome and rheumatoid arthritis can make the salivary glands inflamed and painful diabetes may also cause enlargement of the salivary glands, salivary gland disorders guide causes symptoms and - symptoms vary depending on the specific type of salivary gland disorder sialolithiasis the most common symptom is a painful lump usually in the floor of the mouth, about salivary gland disorders cancers mount sinai - about salivary gland disorders and cancers salivary stones sialendoscopy and cancer salivary glands produce saliva which begins the process of breaking down food digestion saliva also helps prevent mouth and throat infections through the antibodies and other substances it contains, salivary gland disorders diagnosis treatment upmc - diagnosing and treating salivary gland stones salivary gland cancer and stenosis symptoms and diagnosis people with salivary gland stones cancer or stenosis may experience swelling in front of their ears or below their jaw bones these symptoms can it make hard to perform everyday activities such as eating, salivary gland disorders medlineplus - you may have symptoms such as a bad taste in your mouth difficulty opening your mouth dry mouth pain in your face or mouth swelling of your face or neck causes of salivary gland problems include infections obstruction or cancer problems can also be due to other disorders such as mumps or sjogren s syndrome, diagnosis and management of salivary gland disorders - the most important component of diagnosis in salivary gland disorders as with most other disease processes is the patient history and the clinical examination, salivary gland disorders ear nose and throat disorders - the parotid glands the largest pair of salivary glands lie just behind the angle of the jaw below and in front of the ears the sublingual glands and the submandibular glands the two smaller pairs lie deep in the floor of the mouth