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talk of diversity in the workplace is nothing new but as more individuals organizations and politicians speak about feminism immigration gender identity and the gender pay gap it is coming to the forefront of business news once again, four ai applications banks and credit unions can t ignore - as artificial intelligence ai and machine learning are woven into banking s fold their potential is almost too vast to predict the real benefit is in financial institutions ability to understand where and how it makes sense to apply these tools first and where they can derive the greatest value in the fastest way, men are the expendable gender tv tropes - the men are the expendable gender trope as used in popular culture a double standard in media whereby women automatically have the audience s sympathy and, thinking out loud budd s blog budd davisson s airbum com - note if you want to tell me i m full of crap send comments to buddairbum cox net thinking out loud 10 june 18 our loss of relevancy, explore our featured insights mckinsey company - 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facebook chief executive mark zuckerberg appeared before the senate s commerce and judiciary committees tuesday to discuss data privacy and russian disinformation on his social network, debunked and well refuted slate star codex - this bell curve is in fact quite thoroughly debunked whoa whoa whoa if a few claims out of a set of claims are incorrect then it makes sense to say the bell curve contains known incorrect arguments x y and z